Exclusive Limited Edition: 'N' Gauge ScotRail liveried Mark 3 coaches
  Following the announcement by Graham Farish that they are to release the ScotRail liveried Class 47/7 diesel and the associated Driving Brake 2nd Open (DBSO), due late 2014/2015, we commissioned Dapol to produce the intermediate Mark 3 coaches which will enable you to complete the train.

  Our boxed set of coaches is now available.
  The boxed set of coaches comes as a 4-coach boxed set which will therefore allow a realistic representation of these push-pull trains to be modelled.

  The set will contain 3 2nd Class coaches, all differently numbered, and a 1st/2nd Class Composite Open. This latter coach will be fitted with 1st Class seating throughout, but we are also offering a 2nd Class seating module to enable you to 'cut and shut' the correct seating arrangement.

  We are also able to supply the Dapol light bars for interior illumination of the Mark 3 coaches, and we are happy to accept advance orders for the Graham Farish 47/7s and DBSOs.
  Please note that we are no longer going ahead with our original intention to commission a 4-coach set of Mark 3 coaches in Blue/Grey livery with 'SC' prefixes on the coaches.
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