C&M Models Limited Editions
CMM008: N Gauge Scotrail Mark 3 Coaches - 4-Coach Pack
CMM007: O Gauge "Cumberland Granite" 7-Plank Open Wagon
CMM006: Naworth Coal 7-Plank Open Wagon
CMM005: Moresby Coal Company 7-Plank Open Wagon
CMM004 Carlisle South  End Co-operative Society 5-Plank Open Wagon
CMM003 Threlkeld Granite Co. Ltd. 4-Plank Open Wagon
CMM002: 'N' Gauge Class 86 Electric Locomotive in BR Blue Livery
CMM001 Cumberland Tarred Slag 5-Plank Open Wagon
This 4-coach pack will contain 3 x 2nd Class coaches, and 1 x 1st/2nd Composite coach - note that this coach will contain 1st Class seating, but we can supply a 2nd class seating unit should you wish to alter the interior yourself.

This set is now sold out.

  This wagon is limited run of 96 units shared equally between ourselves and Crafty Hobbies in Barrow.
  The wagon has an opening side door and 3-link couplings.
This is still available from stock, and the price is £44.95, plus postage
Naworth Colliery was situated some 12 miles east of Carlisle.

This model is now sold out
This model has been made available with 2 different numbers, 86.204 "City of Carlisle" and 86.241 "Glenfiddich". The BR Blue version was exclusive to us. The model is DCC Ready and has working head- and tail-lights. This model is now sold out.
This model is now sold out
This model is now sold out
This model is now sold out
This model is now sold out
CMM009: Percival's of Carlisle and Wigton 5-Plank Open Wagon
CMM010: N Gauge Scotrail 'Saltire' Class 156 2-Car 'Sprinter'
   From Dapol, we expect this mdoel to become available in Spring 2015
   Price is expected to be £109.95, plus postage for the 2-car set
  This exclusive wagon is currently available and costs £11.50, plus postage, if applicable