Local wagons from Bachmann - NOW IN STOCK, AND SELLING FAST
We are delighted to have been appointed as one of the exclusive dealers for this range. Following the success of the N gauge TEAs, we will be making available all future releases from Revolution Trains. Many customers are ordering through us as a way to spread their cashflow, having committed their money to an advance order through Revolution, we offer the ability to obtain further models with payment due on despatch.

Items can be ordered through our online shop. Please note that in many cases, prices have yet to be finalised, but will usually be a few percent more than the pre-production price asked by Revolution Trains.

Orders for the 'OO' scale TEA tankers have already closed, but we still have a few left to order, but we expect these will sell out very soon.
For N gauge items, please click on this link
For OO gauge items, please click on this link
C&M Models Exclusive 'OO' Wagon: Thomas Blacklock of Mealsgate.
Our exclusive Cumbrian wagon from Dapol is still available. Cost is £13.20, plus postage where relevant, and they can be ordered by clicking on this link.
        Due for arrival in July is the new Class 87 electric in 'OO' scale from Hornby. We expect demand to be high, so would recommend reserving the model in advance. RRP is £170.95, but our price is £153.85
Due out in Spring/Summer 2018, these 'PGA' Hopper wagons, used for the transport of stone for the construction industry, are a crowd-funded model where reservations will have closed before they come on to the market.
    We have managed to secure a supply of them, and we expect that these too will be pre-sold upon release. To place you advance order, click on this link , or contact us.
    Price will be £32.50 each, plus postage.